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Here at Rehm Quarter Horses we strive to produce quality over quantity.  We are a small family operation specializing in high quality barrel and speed event horses, located in Sultan, WA in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. 

We are very excited to introduce our stallion “Perks
     The Man”.  In the summer of 2005, we traveled
throughout Oklahoma and Texas touring several
farms in our search for a high quality barrel/racing
bred stallion with bloodlines not commonly found in
the Pacific Northwest to become the foundation of
our breeding program.

We were looking for proven bloodlines, excellent
conformation, large bone, and a winning mind.  We found that exact combination when we hand picked “Perks The Man” from the Ladybug Stallion Station in Madill, OK.

Rehm Quarter Horses is also home to the 2005
AQHYA World Champion Barrel Racer, Crystals

Give us a call, we’d be happy to hear from you: 
360 793 2698

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